"aaaaaaand....been crying for about 45 minutes now....oh Jonas they are SUPERB!!! I remember NOTHING about how it all looked. So happy it turned out exactly as we planned. Oh this just made my life!" 

- MARGARET (Bride) email 

"Jonas is the best. No question. His work is unbeatable, as is his personality and commitment to his clients. Jonas was the only vendor we contracted with. Spending money on vendors and venues didn't make sense to us and the do-it-ourselves wedding we wanted. Jonas, however, was an obvious exception. His work was worth every penny and then some. If we could do the day over again, we'd hire Jonas in a heartbeat. It was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding." 

 - TERA (Bride) review on Pictage 

"Jonas! We're so speechless at how beautiful these images turned out. Seriously, I know I'm a broken record of THANK YOU but we have had nothing but an outpouring of love and amazement at your photos. We are forever grateful." 

 - TINA (Bride) email 

"Jonas and Mary are not only crazy, ridiculously talented, but they're also two of the nicest, most genuine people you'll meet. My husband and I are not usually people who like to be photographed or feel comfortable in front of a camera. Jonas and Mary not only put us at ease, but produced some of the most incredible images that we'll treasure for years to come." 

 - KATE (Bride) commenting on A Practical Wedding 

"We just received our package and I just finished crying on my front porch from the beauty I found within it. Thank you with all my heart! xoxo PS: my friend is the creative director at Flaunt Magazine and I shared with him the link to our wedding on Rock 'n' Roll Bride and he said they are the best wedding photos he's ever seen! ... I totally agree xoxo" 

- JOLI (Bride) email 

 "Hiring Jonas was the best decision we made hands down! He is a true talent and words cannot describe how happy we are with his work." 

 - HANNAH (Bride) review on Carats & Cake 

 "Jonas, you are my hero. Thank you for your eye, your vision, and your storytelling. We are still reeling over here."

 - LAUREEN (Bride) commenting on Facebook

 "Jonas, the pictures are everything I could have hoped for!!!!"

 - ANNE-EMORY (Bride) email

 "Long-time readers should know who Jonas Seaman is by now, for those that don't, he's the Seattle-based wedding photographer that is SO. FREAKING. AMAZING. [...] All the ladies in the Offbeat Empire have a collective crush on him, and harass him on a regular basis or whenever we're all in Seattle together. Ariel asked him to photograph last fall's Offbeat Empire party and invited him to our tiny staff retreat movie night. You know why? Because we totally dig his combination of awesome personality and incredible talent. Jonas is sweet as hell, talented as fuck, and wants to be there for all Offbeat Brides all over the world." 

 - MEGAN FINLEY (Blogger) Offbeat Bride 

"Jonas and Mary are bafflingly talented artists with an amazing eye for photographs that beautifully capture everything from the smallest details to the largest moments of a wedding. Which is, in itself, just amazing. But they're also just crazy-nice people. I can't express what a comfort it was to have these folks there on the day of my wedding. The prep work Jonas did to get a schedule planned out for the wedding day helped keep things running smoothly. Everyone who was there raved about how lovely Jonas and Mary were, and everyone who has seen the photos since has, basically, not shut up about how beautiful they are. And they're RIGHT. The work we put into making that day special and fun and exciting for our friends and family, and for ourselves, is documented so beautifully. The emotion of the day is captured so beautifully. And now we get to keep these beautiful photos forever. Truly the best choice we made for our wedding was to get these folks involved."

- LARA (Bride) review on A Practical Wedding

 "Hiring Jonas to shoot our wedding was - hands down - one of the top 3 decisions we made. he was superb!! his photographic style and talent way surpassed our expectations. he was 100% a delight to work with. He did a perfect job!!!" 

 - MARGARET (Bride) review on Pictage 

"Jonas Seaman Photography in Seattle. WHERE DO I EVEN START, you guys? I. It's. It's a rare thing that leaves me at a loss for words, but Jonas' photography sort of leaves me at a loss for words. Why? Well, because it doesn't look like anything else Ive seen. Because I'm trying to figure out how I can hire Jonas to take some photographs that I can put on my wall. And also because I've met Jonas, Ive chatted with him via email, and he's just awesome [...] But for real, you guys: Jonas is one of those rare combinations in this industry: he possesses pure artistic skill (as in, this man is an actual artist, with his work having been displayed in galleries across the world), but he is also one of those people that you just want to hang out with. In short, Jonas makes the kind of photographs that you want to hang on your walls with fancy frames and show off to all of your friends, and he's not a jerk about it [...] And then there's his work. Which it speaks for itself, right? Jonas produces some of the most unique, forward-thinking images Ive ever seen from a wedding photographer [...] The end result is a mixture of moody and intense editorial work and raw emotional photojournalism that is a rare thing to find in this industry."

- Maddie Eisenhart (Blogger) A Practical Wedding

 "In all sincerity, Andy and i wanted to thank you for the amazing, incredible, wonderful experience you gave us and our family by photographing our wedding. Your energy and enthusiasm kept us going and having fun throughout the afternoon and evening. Andy and I hate having our photos taken, but you and Mary made us feel so relaxed and comfortable that we loved every minute. We feel so thankful that we chose you to photograph what was truly the happiest day of our life."

 - HILLARY (Bride) email

 "Did I forget to tell you that these are amazing and have caused numerous bouts of happy tears in me, my family and friends? I'm just in awe at your ability to capture all these wonderful moments forever. THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!"

 - STACIE (Bride) email

 "Jonas and Mary - As I have looked through the images you took, again and again I am floored at the beauty and artistry that you captured on the most special day of my life. It is so "us"! Everyone told us that our wedding pictures were the best they had ever seen. And I agree!! One of the best decisions I made for this wedding was hiring you. Your kindness, professionalism and humor made our day."

- ANJANETTE (Bride) thank you card

 "The first thing that we decided about our elopement was our photographer. I had been a fan of Jonas' work for a long time. I really believe in good & bad energy and vibes, and I loved how while looking at his work you could kind of feel the room. It's not just that the photos were mostly candid, which I do love, but also that he included the setting and environments. For me, that helps to create such a clearer image of a situation. His photos procure the feel of a room and the subjects in it. That's what always drew me to his work, and I knew that if I ever got married he would be the one I'd want to hire. After we hired Jonas everything else just fell in line [...] Jonas helped us so much with everything, he set me up with our amazing hair and makeup person, found locations for the perfect portrait walk before we even left Oklahoma, told jokes with our daughter while waiting in the car for the ferry. It was such a gift to be able to have him and Mary there to document the day, and they did a beautiful job. The photos look exactly how the day felt to me, there's something very authentic about how he captures moments. It's like journalistic wedding photography if that's a thing? When somebody has an extraordinary talent it bounces off whatever is around them, and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to have our wedding day serve as a reflection of his talent."

 - KAIT (Bride) review on Pictage

 "When my fiance and I started planning, we both agreed the photographer would be our chief vendor. We figured photographs were the only true takeaway from weddings; everything else eventually fades from memory or falls apart. So, we began sifting through a myriad of Florida's top-rated wedding photographers, failing to make a real connection with any of them. Now, I do not remember the exact Internet search criteria that allowed me to find Jonas, but I have thanked the gods every day since. Jonas had the style I was looking for; honestly, I did not know what style I was looking for at the time. I am not in a creative industry, nor am I well-versed in weddings. Regardless, I instantly e-mailed my fiance (now wife) a link to Jonas' portfolio (Americanvirus) along with something to the effect of this is our photographer!! Unsurprisingly, she concurred. Jonas was excellent with communication and scheduling, which was terrific because he lives 3 time zones and 3,100 miles away. Jonas outlined our wedding day in advance, which would later save us a lot of time, stress and confusion. He was punctual, and his second shooter (first everything else), Mary, was equally amazing. They were both professional and prepared. I cannot say for sure, but I feel like they each wore Batman utility belts, loaded with spare batteries and memory cards. Seriously, they did not miss a thing. They were also really great at staging and directing our family and wedding party, who are not nearly the tamest of cats. On your wedding day, you will be in a bubble. A lot of great things will happen, unbeknownst to you, and you will be blessed if your photographer captures those scenes. After our wedding album arrived, we relived all of our favorite moments, and were elated to experience several new ones. Jonas & Mary were the ultimate stewards of our wedding photography, and contracting them was best decision we made in planning. Lastly, we severely regret not getting a photo with the two of them, which is a tragedy because they are so good. That's life though. We never got to see Prince, and we didn't take a picture with Jonas."

 - SCHUYLER (Groom) review on The Knot (Five Stars)

 "You are definitely a class act. This process had been so pleasant and we couldn't imagine having anyone else be there taking photos on our day [...] As I walked down the aisle I prayed that I would never forget how he was looking at me in that moment. And thanks to you, I have it forever."

 - SHEIHA (Bride) email

 "Jonas is a fantastically talented photographer and a pleasure to work with. I like to think of his style as more photojournalistic in nature, e.g., his photos told the story of our wedding vs. being a collection of standard portrait / trite wedding shots. Several of our friends have commented that our wedding photos are the best they've ever seen, and we know that's more of a comment on Jonas and his talent than on anything we did! Jonas went above and beyond to capture unforgettable moments for us on our wedding day. He was patient and cheerful as we gathered young (and preoccupied children), he made my husband and I feel totally comfortable throughout all of our shots, and he was on-board with all of our (sometimes odd) photo ideas while offering plenty of great ones of his own that would've never occurred to us. Our pictures are absolutely stunning and fun and capture the personality of our funky little wedding perfectly. Logistically, he was always on time (if not early) and very prompt/responsive in all of our communications. I can't more emphatically recommend Jonas. We will work with him again in the future for any photography needs we have!"

 - ANGELA (Bride) review on Pictage

 "Jonas is AMAZING!!! He and Mary shot our wedding about a year and half ago and just as mentioned in this article - every detail was paid attention to. We welcomed both of them in just like family and all of our friends and family instantly fell in love with them both. Really it's hard not to. They are such warm loving caring people. And the work... OH MY GAWD the work is spectacular. I wish there were more adjectives... because it's really hard to describe when you get these pieces of amazing art and there you are... in it. I'd hire Jonas again in a second for any event."

 - SARA (Bride) commenting on Offbeat Bride

 "Holy Crap! The photos are incredibly amazing! We are simply in awe. We've literally been in tears going through every single one. They are each so special and unique and totally and completely bring us back to that day. We love how every moment and every one of our guests are captured so beautifully. What a gift! We cannot thank you enough. We can't wait to share them with everyone! Thank you so much to you and Mary - you are true artists. Love,Valentina and Rob"

 - VALENTINA & ROB (Bride & Groom) email

 "Jonas and Mary are so amazing! The quality of their work speaks for itself (AH-mazing, duh), but I want to emphasize what wonderful people they are as well. My wife and I decided we wanted a tiny wedding, to basically elope (but in our home city). We loved Jonas and Mary so much that we asked them to be our witnesses, so that it could be the four of us and the judge. It was the absolute best! We got to spend time with them and it was so low key that the photos are incredibly intimate. I have absolutely no reservations to recommend Jonas and Mary to any couple. They are so wonderful!"

 - RACHEL (Bride) commenting on A Practical Wedding

"Oh my, we just watched the slideshow and are just completely in tears. l can hardly believe how beautiful the photos are, and that they are ours! Having you and Mary was such an honor and a pleasure - we really felt like you were both truly a part of the day! And not as “our photographers”, but our pals. Multiple people have commented to us how they thought we knew you both previously as friends. We can’t thank you enough."

- KATE & COLBY (Bride & Groom) email 

 "Jonas Seaman and his partner/second shooter Mary Williamson are, in a word, AMAZING. What drew me to Jonas work was that his photography goes beyond just beautiful image capture and really emotes story-telling. When I scroll through the weddings Jonas and Mary have shot, I feel the vibe of the day and the personality of each couple coming through. Jonas is incredibly passionate about his work and it comes through in every photo. On top of all that, he's just a cool guy with a totally chill presence, and what more could you want from a person following you around all day on your wedding day?!"

 - JESSICA (Bride) - Commenting on Smashing The Glass

 "JONAS!!!! These are amazing! I cried! I've been so eager to see the end result for the last few weeks, and these were well worth the wait. Thank you and Mary both for sharing your passion and talent with us. Choosing you both was the easiest decision we made in planning, and I can wholeheartedly say, also the best. I can't wait to share these with everyone! Thank you!!!!"

 - JESSICA (Bride) email

 "Jonas Seaman was pretty much the best vendor decision we made for our wedding this summer. After falling in love with his authentic, emotional, and photo-journalistic style more than a year before our wedding date, we knew that he and his second shooter/girlfriend Mary had to be there, and they absolutely exceeded our expectations. During the chaos of our wedding day (which included a broken air conditioner on a sweltering August day and a groom running behind schedule while baking the wedding cake), Jonas and Mary lent a calm, fun, down-to-earth, and unobtrusive presence to the day while capturing all of the small, meaningful moments that we would have otherwise missed -- things like the look on my mom's face when I put on my dress, and the light reflecting off the bracelet that belonged to my great great grandmother. Just like they did for our engagement shoot, they went above and beyond (like they do on all of their shoots) and spent the day before the wedding scouting out and storyboarding the perfect locations for our wedding portraits. When it came time to deliver the pictures, we were impressed not only by the amazing moments they captured, but also by the quick turnaround, especially considering it was in the middle of the busy wedding season. Jonas and Mary were worth every penny we spent on photography -- we'd hire them again without hesitation!"

 - KATE (Bride) review on Pictage

 "So exciting!! Totally amazing!! I CANNOT STOP LOOKING AT THEM!!! Jonas, you were amazing. Everyone all day kept telling me how great you are, and not just because you take amazing pictures. You and Mary were a true pleasure to have at our wedding."

 - SARA (Bride) email

 "Once you see Jonas' and Mary's work, nothing else will do! What their photos do more than any others I've ever seen is tell the day's story, capturing the whole gamut of emotions from everyone. We almost wish we could have another wedding just to have them photograph it again!"

 - KEVIN & MEREDITH (Groom & Bride) commenting on A Practical Wedding

 "Jonas was the most amazing photographer! He will do anything for a great shot!! He has a way of capturing all of the best moments. We felt like we were there all over again when we saw the photos. It was such a pleasure to work with him and he provided us phenomenal pictures!!"

 - ARIANNE (Bride) review on Pictage

 "Jonas' work is playful, sweet, beautiful, edgy- it seems clear from his photos that he loves what he does. His photography captures emotions and moments in such a thoughtful way, and I imagine his clients must have a tough time narrowing down which shots to have framed in their homes."

 - KATHRYN GRADY (Blogger) Snippet & Ink

 "Jonas (and Mary) absolutely blew us away from the very first Skype meeting (we live in New York). His attentiveness and guidance throughout the whole process, from our first meeting until when we received the photos, have been incredibly personal and special. Through the process, Jonas became a friend that we could count on. His professionalism and kindness overwhelmed us, and our guests - all of whom commented to us after the wedding how amazing he was. He has an amazing amount of experience that he takes very seriously - every shot was perfectly timed and planned out, which of course, meant that each photo was so incredible. We have never, ever seen such gorgeous photos of us and of our family and friends. Each individual person, each moment, each detail was captured in the most amazing way possible. We were in tears looking through each and every photo, immediately transported back to our wedding day. We were able to relive every moment and that is the greatest gift Jonas could ever give us. Working with him and Mary was a pleasure and we would do it again over and over. They are amazing! Best photographers ever."

 - VALENTINA (Bride) review on Pictage

 "Jonas and Mary shot our Seattle Wedding this past summer and the photos are amazing...truly they are works of art. I saw a ton of great wedding photography when I was looking for a photographer but in my opinion none of them quite captured the uniqueness of the day, the couple, the love in quite the way that Jonas and Mary do. It's hard to explain really, their photos are just on another level. I literally had no decisive feelings about who would shoot my wedding until I saw their photos- there is just something about them. Plus they are cool- and you definitely want cool people around you on your big day."

 - LINDSEY (Bride) commenting on A Practical Wedding

 "Jonas is an incredibly talented photographer! I feel so fortunate that we found Jonas, and that he was available to shoot our wedding. He is professional, personable, and has an incredible eye for the unique and memorable moments of the day. When I saw the photos, I felt like he had dipped into my own memories. He works some magic. Not only have we been so pleased, but we have received so many lovely comments and responses from family and friends who express how blown away they are by the photography - with people saying that they've never seen wedding photos like them before. We can't recommend Jonas enough as a wedding photographer!"

 - MEAGHAN (Bride) review on Pictage

 "If you want the most beautiful, perfect, breathtaking images of your wedding to treasure forever, you cannot make a better choice than Jonas and Mary. Your photos will be true works of ART! But the fact that they're literally two of the sweetest, kindest, most generous people on earth is a total bonus."

 - JOYCE (Bride) commenting on A Practical Wedding

 "Jonas did an excellent job and was an absolute pleasure to work with. All of our interactions leading up to the wedding were very fun but we still took care of the business at hand. The pictures he takes are amazing. We do not regret our decision to use Jonas one bit on our special day."

 - GREG (Groom) review on Pictage

 "Jonas is the bomb. He has such enthusiasm & passion for his work & it clearly shows in his end product. I have been fortunate enough to work with him on 2 occasions & am looking forward to our future endeavors. I recommend him to ANYONE ANYWHERE getting hitched!"

 - KELLI BIELEMA (Coordinator) Shindig Events

 "What spectacular photos to remember an even more spectacular wedding!! Thank you Jonas for everything. You're amazing, fun, and have the best assistant, Mary. As the mother-of-the-bride I give you an A+++!"

 - SHELLY (Mother Of The Bride) email

 "I couldn't ask for any better shots than the ones you've taken! You captured my wedding in the way I had been envisioning during the whole planning process! I couldn't be happier! Thank you for all your hard work, you've done an incredible job!!!"

 - KATIE (Bride) email

 "Each and every image from Jonas Seaman is more beautiful than the last, drawing me in and letting me fall in love one frame at a time."


 "I can't begin to tell you how unbelievably grateful I am to have had you capture our special day. I feel like I am reliving the moment every time I look at the photos. You and Mary are the best of the best! A sincere thank you to you both. (P.S. hopefully many MANY years from now you will be the photographers at our daughters weddings because I can't imagine anyone else capturing our special family moments.)"

 - JESSICA (Bride) Facebook

 "Not only is Jonas a very talented photographer, he is also a consummate professional and great to work with. Before the wedding, we had a long conversation via Skype where Jonas really got to know us as a couple and what we were looking for in our photos. He arrived on time as promised and had even scouted locations the day before. During the wedding day, he and his assistant, Mary, were a delight to have around. Our families and friends are somewhat boisterous, and Jonas did a great job handling them. He and Mary fit right in. In fact, several guests even mentioned how nice and fun my photographer was. The photos turned out beautifully. Jonas really captured the feeling of our wedding day in the photos. I cannot recommend Jonas enough."

 - SARA (Bride) review on Pictage

 "Thank you so much, Jonas! Our day while hectic was full of so much love. Thank you for capturing all that love while being the calm in our storm. We are so grateful!"

 - CHRISTINA (Bride) commenting on Ever Ours

 "Jonas shot our April wedding reception and we couldn't be happier with the whole process. I love that the photos he captured are different from all the "typical wedding photos" I've seen. They look like special moments of our lives, not just one stereotypically airbrushed, pastel, over-staged day. He and his girlfriend, Mary (his second shooter), are the cat's pajamas. If we can come up with an excuse to work with them again, oh hell yes, we will!"

 - LIZZIE (Bride) commenting on Offbeat Bride

 "On behalf of Tim and myself, I just want to tell you HOW much we love our pictures -and you. We spent several hours last night pouring over the images and we truly can't believe how beautiful they are, and how well you and Mary captured the feel of the whole weekend. You were hands down the best decision we made and cant wait to bombard the internet with praise for you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

 - HANNA (Bride) email

 "He was, without a doubt, the best vendor of all for our wedding. He's extremely professional, pleasant and talented. His photos aren't just documentation, they are art. I cannot say enough about him and Mary. Highly recommended."

 - TIM (Groom) review on Pictage

 "Jonas and Mary were not only professional, skilled photographers at our wedding celebration, they were also fun to be around. Jonas worked with us in advance to make sure he knew what we wanted and put us at ease, and we never had to wonder if we would like our photos-- we were certain we'd love them. And we do!! Jonas asked us for a lot of info in advance, in the form of several questionnaires emailed to us. We appreciated his patience when it took us longer than it should have to return them. His questionnaires were so well thought out that they asked about details we hadn't considered yet! Even when surprises came up on the day of our event (people running late for portraits, a freak hailstorm, a surprise pinata-bashing), Jonas and Mary were unflappable and adapted to everything. We can't recommend them highly enough!"

 - ELIZABETH (Bride) review on Pictage

 "Jonas killed it at our wedding. I'm a photographer myself so I don't say this lightly (we almost didn't have one). He was the best investment we made and we'll be enjoying said investment for years and years to come. He got the mood, the feeling, the small moments and the character of those who came. I love those photos so much. Yay for amazing decisions and amazing photographers."

 - COREY (Bride) commenting on Offbeat Bride

 "Jonas is incredible! From the moment we saw his photos - for a friend's wedding - we knew we wanted to work with him. Our photos turned out better than we could have hoped, and he was so easy to work with the whole time. He's really got the logistics-side of everything down pat, but even more than that he is such a nice guy! We loved skyping and meeting with him. Talking with him helped us figure out exactly what we wanted for the day and how to make things happen. Having him and his amazing co-shooter Mary with us all day was absolutely wonderful - they took the most beautiful candid shots of us and our family/friends, as well as stunning shots of our house as we got ready. In the end we have an invaluable collection of photos that really communicate the mood and excitement of the entire day. We are SO HAPPY with Jonas and his work!"

 - KATE (Bride) review on Pictage

"Working with Jonas was such an awesome experience! He and Mary shot our wedding at Skamania Lodge in September 2017 and the results of their work are nothing short of incredible. With the rain pouring down the morning of our wedding day, Jonas was flexible and relaxed. This helped both my wife Erica and I relax and embrace the day. As the pro he is, Jonas had back-up plans in place based on the weather forecast so there was a smooth transition from Plan A to Plan B. We had about 170 people celebrating with us and Jonas and Mary were EVERYWHERE! Turn a corner... Jonas getting a candid. Look out to the dance floor... Jonas all over the place capturing the party vibe with ninja-like skills. After the wedding we had a feeling the photos were going to be really special, but our expectations were blown away when we received them. The emotion, love and laughter he was able to capture was stunning. We will cherish our prints (and digital files) forever! For anyone who's looking for that perfect balance of beautiful portraits and candid captures, coupled with an artistic eye and modern styling... you've found your photographer."

 - RYAN M. (Groom) review on The Knot  (Five Stars) 

"Here's a brief testimonial of our time with Jonas and his second shooter and partner in crime, Mary. From the very beginning, Jonas was responsive and professional. Whatever system he uses is spot-on and helps organize all of our communications, deadlines, etc. Every Skype we had with Jonas lasted quite a good amount of time. He was really invested in getting to know us as a couple because we could tell he believes this is an important part of telling our story. Communication was always quick and smooth. The actual day, we received so much care and attention. Jonas and Mary truly spent and went above and beyond. Their kindness and gentleness made it easy to welcome them into the wedding itself as though they were old friends. The actual images blew our minds. We knew of their talent, but we couldn't have imagined how beautiful the images would be. Jonas is an artist, taking photos that could easily be in a museum. He works hard to refine a vision and to take that vision and make it personal to his clients. Thank you, Jonas and Mary!"

- ARIELLE (Bride) review on A Practical Wedding

"I have been loving Jonas' & Mary's work for years, so it was no surprise that I booked them for my wedding. My husband and I were thrilled with the final product, as well as the organization and communication along the way. Highlights: He helped us shape our timeline, which became a major cornerstone for me to refer to when sending out time estimates to the venue and other vendors. Jonas responded promptly and very nicely when, a week before the wedding, I freaked out about rain and sent him a long run-on sentence email. During the actual wedding, he was ninja good at being everywhere (including the dance floor) and taking what turned out to be amazing candids! The resulting photos were amazing. My husband in particular was touched by a couple of photos wherein he looked incredibly happy, feeling surrounded by love. High praise!

- CATHY (Bride) review on The Knot

Below you'll find a mix of email responses I've received, some written reviews, words from wedding bloggers, and more...


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